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Ask Da’Dad – About Us

Ask Da’dad is your partner in parenting. We aim to make it easier to raise happy, healthy, engaged children at every age and stage.

We’ve built a “Learning Network” so you can get trusted advice on everything from preparing for pregnancy (yay!) to raising teens (yikes!), and all the fun and challenging times in between.

We aim to bring you the latest news and information ranging from children’s health to homework help, plus tips on the hottest toys, media, and products for kids and families — all with a strong focus on learning.

We strongly believe that children learn at home, and you are your child’s first (and forever!) teacher.

Our collection of lessons and classes should make your job as a parent more fun, simple, and enriching than ever. We’re honored to help.

About Us – VISION

The vision of the Ask Da’Dad Parenting Network is that all parents/families will have the information, resources, and support needed to provide a nurturing relationship and an environment that will encourage their children’s healthy growth and development.


Advance the field of parenting education.


Information Sharing:

  1. Facilitate and encourage the sharing of and discussion about ideas, resources, practices, and any other information relevant to parenting educators.
  2. Consolidate and make accessible research-based information and resources on parenting education.

Professional Development: 

Help parents and parenting education practitioners build their skills and the profession by addressing issues that transcend disciplinary and regional boundaries such as professional identity, ethics, standards and certification, training, and accessibility.


Facilitate contacts among parents, practitioners, and organizations involved in parenting education to increase their effectiveness.


Provide leadership in the field of parenting education among parents, professionals, policymakers, media, and the public.



Ask Da’dad embraces and seeks to draw upon the wide professional, regional, and ethnic diversity in the field, to enrich our collective work and model our values.

Universal access: 

Ask Da’dad advocates for parenting education resources to be made available, accessible, and affordable for all parents.


Ask Da’dad recognizes that parenting education is embedded in a large number and variety of organizations and fields, all of which are important in raising better kids.

Support for existing organizations: 

Ask Da’dad seeks to support and extend the significant work of existing organizations in the area of parenting education, complementing rather than duplicating their efforts.

Participatory approach: 

Ask Da’dad seeks to involve in decision-making all those with an interest in developing the organization.


Parenting Education is a process that involves the expansion of insights, understanding, and attitudes of parents so they can be better parents.  It is also the acquisition of knowledge and skills about the development of both parents and their children and the relationship between them.

Parents are those who are so defined legally and those who have made a long-term commitment to a child to assume responsibility for that child’s well-being and development. This responsibility includes providing for the child’s physiological and emotional needs, forming a loving emotional relationship, guiding the child’s understanding of the world and culture, and designing an appropriate environment.

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