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  • Vetting, A-Keys, and Blockchains Form the foundation of the Learning Network.


  • An A-Key and Public Token is established for each member.


  • The combination of Vetting, A-Keys, and Blockchains safeguard your Private Information and ensure all your Content can be tracked.

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4 Ways to Participate

  • Member – Full Member of the Community
    • Fully Vetted
    • Can Access all Information, Participate in Discussions, and add value to the Library.
    • Can add products and services to the Marketplace.
  • Guest – Must have a Member as a Sponsor.
    • Fully Vetted
    • Can Access discussions.
    • Can Add value to the Library
    • Can add products and services to the Marketplace.
  • Visitor – Anyone, but must sign on.
    • Partially Vetted
    • Can Access Classes.
    • Can access the Marketplace, but cannot add products or services.
  • Causal Browser – Anyone that finds our website though direct connection
    • No Vetting
    • Can Access some Content  –  But very limited!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Goal of The Ask Da'Dad Parenting Site
  • Provide an Internet site that optimizes learning and teaching.
  • Provide an Internet site that optimizes gathering information.
  • Provide an Internet site that optimizes connecting with others.

The keyword is “optimize.”  There are any number of ways to learn and teach.  There are any number of ways to gather information.  And there are any number of ways to connect with others.  

We have always learned and taught.  We have always gathered information, and we have always connected with others.

In the old days, however, before the domestication of the electron, learning, teaching, information gathering, and connecting with others happened only in the presence of others.  If you wanted to learn something you had to physically go to the location of the teacher.

Today, because we learned to harness the electron, we can learn, teach, gather information, and connect with others at the speed of light, across the globe, with access to virtually unlimited amounts of bits of information.

What Makes Ask Da'Dad Different than Other Learning Sites?
 Most learning networks, like Harvard On-line, simply take traditional instructor-led courses and put them on-line.

Ask Da’Dad uses 21st Century Tools to optimize learning.  Tools like A-keys, AI-powered “Collective Intelligence,” and Educational Blockchains to more effectively manage learning.

What is A Learning Network
A Learning Network is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for those that want to learn and teach and want to connect with others that want to learn and teach.

There are many Learning Networks already available: Lindedin Learning (formerly know as, Khan Acadamy, Harvard Online, and any number of other places people can go to learn and teach.

In the old days, you had to go to a school to learn and teach.

In essence, the Internet is one big learning network.  But, the Internet is not a safe place for any number of reasonable reasons.

Using a VPN as the foundation network architecture provides important tools to help us all learn and teach better

Can I be a Member
Yes, anyone that is interested in Respectful discussion and learning can be a member.

All Members are “vetted” to some extent to ensure that they are essentially who they say they are.

We do this to ensure the Learning Network gives members opportunities, to be honest, and frank in their additions to the community.

We are dedicated to protecting this space by making sure all members are vetted as appropriate.


I’m not in the US. Can I join?

Absolutely! Just as the internet is global, so is our Learning Community.


Are there “Standards of Behavior” in the Community?

In fact, the very well defined Communication Standards of Behavior is the key difference between Ask Da’dad and other learning sites. 

The more the sender and receiver share a common communication code the more likely there will be effective communication.

If it becomes clear that a member of the community has violated our standards of behavior, we will remove their membership.


How do you Protect Privacy?
We protect privacy by using A-Keys and Tokens.

Every member has a “Secret” Authentication Key (A-Key).  The Member then creates as many Tokens as they wish.  

However, there is no way for anyone to go back and find the User, based on their Token.  this way, Google, Facebook, or any other site cannot trace your content back to you.  

How do you Protect Content?
Ask Da’Dad uses an “Educational Blockchain.”  Educational Blockchains can be added to, but not changed.  This way your content is always traceable back to you.  Thus protecting your copyright.

Then, as people add value to your content, their information is also contained in the Blockchain.